Learning Out Loud!
Teen Bible Study

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Teen Bible Study

     Using the Serendipity Bible For Personal and Small Group Study as a leader's guide, students read passages of the Bible (various translations), discuss their meanings at the time written, and discover how it to speaks to them today.  Guided questions will encourage students to explore their relationship with God and others.  The teens share and listen together in a way that promotes honesty and respect for everyone's beliefs.  No "correct" interpretation will be taught.  They may leave with more questions than answers which can open the door to further family discussions of your beliefs.  Whether your teen has never studied the Bible or spends time each day in Scripture, group studies like this bring The Word into the hearts of those involved.  
Session titles include: 
                  UP CLOSE:  Discovering My Real Identity

                  STRESS:  Surviving Day to Day
                  BELONGING:  Finding Friends and Fitting In

                  HASSLES: Getting Along With My Parents

      Students can join this class at any time.  There is no tuition required, but a small donation of $10 per session can help cover materials, room rental and other expenses.  This would be appreciated by families who are able.   This study can take place almost anywhere from a co-op classroom, to a park, or even my home. 

Learning Out Loud!
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