Learning Out Loud!
Christian Communications 2nd - 6th

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Christian Communicators

Students will gain confidence, learn communication skills, and have practice speaking in front of people.  This class follows the curriculum created by Teresa Moon through the Communicators Advantage Project in Beginning Public Speaking.  Students will see examples of positive communicators; learn words to describe the process, experience creating and presenting speeches of different lengths and styles become trained in giving and receiving feedback in a positive way.  

Students will be have the confidence and experience to begin to vocalize their beliefs and experiences, to reach out to all types of audiences and share important messages in effective and appropriate ways.  

Parents are encouraged to attend the first class if possible.

Giving kids of all ages the confidence to speak up for themselves and share their beliefs and ideas in simple conversations or in front of large groups.  


A free and private class web page at myschoolbinder.com will provide students and parents with lesson plans, resources, assignment calendars, class summaries, discussion forums, and more, in a safe and secure environment.  The class web page will be the communication forum for the class and will allow students and parents to know exactly what is happening with the class, as well as providing families opportunities for further study at home. 
 Parents are encouraged to attend the first class if possible. 


Learning Out Loud! Homeschool 

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