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Please use caution and discretion with these links.  As living links, they are unable to be controlled, censored, or monitors by Learning Out Loud!  Homeschool.  They have been chosen based on their content and education value at the time.  Please feel free to provide feedback to us on their appropriateness and usefulness   

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  • A site geared towards teaching with all sorts of digital visual media. This is a nice site for integrating the modern motion picture into a valid academic classroom setting.


  • FreeSFX is a site that offers teachers and students tons of sounds (music and sound effects) to download and use in the classroom. As the name implies, the sounds are free and are published through Creative Commons licensing. The site has an ever-growing number of items and is a great place to get legal music for projects, podcasts, multimedia presentations, and more.
  • Partners in Rhyme is a site that sells Royalty Free music clips, as well as music loops, sound effects, midi files, and editing software.  This is a good resource that offers some free clips that can come in handy for use with pod casts and video projects.


  • Image Base is a great place to go when you need copyright-free images. They have tons of photos that are broken up into easy to search categories and even have some nice PowerPoint templates. This is a wonderful resource for students and teachers because of the high resolution of the images and the simplicity of the search. The fact that the images are copyright-free means people can use the images for whatever they want, personal, commercial or non-profit use and its all free.
  • what is a storyboard, how do you create one and examples of different kinds



  • AudioExpert is a free and simple online audio editor, file converter and sound recorder. All the standard functionality of an audio editor provides students and teachers with an easy way to create a podcast, and even a ringtone for a cell phone. Educators will find AudioExpert useful also as a powerful audio file converter which will allow them to modify the file format of their files, their bit rate, frequency, etc. If your computer is equipped with a camera and microphone, you can use AudioExpert to record your own sounds, a great tip for digital storytelling.
  • A site devoted to the users and uses of Windows Movie Maker. This is a great place to turn for inspiration and help using Window's free Movie Maker program.


  • The Hero Factory is a site that lets students (and teachers) create a superhero. An easy to use interface and lots of choices to choose from. This can be a great way for students to create their own character and then write a story or essay about them. Lots of fun for students of all ages.
  • Great for creating characters that can then be used in filmed, scripted, or improvisational performances

  • This is an on-line Karaoke singing site.  The song lyrics and appears on the screen and using the computer microphone you can sing along.  It has a lot of great popular songs and kid titles and would be a fun after-school activity or could help students learn pitch and singing techniques.  There are about 100 free songs and membership is available to "unlock" other songs.  A nice clean site that is fun and easy to use.
  • You can also use the web cam to record your performance.  
  • Super Action Comic Maker is a great website that (as you may have guessed) lets the user create Super Hero Comics. With lots of control over how each frame and the poses of the characters look, this site is a good way for students to practice writing dialogue, setting up a scene, translating a scene in a novel or play, or just having fun. The site allows the work to be saved in their gallery or printed. Easy to use and fun.
  • great for practice framing a shot and for creating some storyboards

  • search for Disney music videos to study camera movement, angels and shots.