Learning Out Loud! Homeschool 

Students will be challenged daily; individually and as a group in a positive, fun, exciting learning environment that give students the tools to Learn Out Loud!


Learning Out Loud! Students
 learn through:  reading, creating, writing, brainstorming, playing, acting, directing, listening, observing, speaking, presenting, experimenting, improv-ing, storytelling, computing, sequencing, estimating, evaluating, calculating, role playing, moving, singing, sharing, critiquing, collaborating, practicing, designing, goal setting, leading, following, failing and succeeding.

These classes are taught in a way that gets students physically, emotionally, and intellectually involved in the subject. 
Learning Out Loud! Parents
  are provided tools to continue the learning throughout the week.  Each family will have access to the class website on myschoolbinder.com.  This is a private web page just for families in that class.  It has resources for further studies, class calendars, summaries, discussions, links, and more. 

 This allows parents to stay connected to what is being taught and to the progress of the class as a whole as well as detailed lesson plans and assignments.

Learning Out Loud! is more than a cute catch phrase.  It's a way to live; for students to be proud of what they know and not to be embarrassed to ask about what they don't know yet.  It gives students of all ages the tools for success socially, academically, and personally; to make choices for their life, and approach decisions with confidence, passion, knowledge and experience.  

 Learn Out Loud! so you can Live Out Loud!  


Learning Out Loud! Homeschool 

San Antonio, Texas
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