Learning Out Loud!
Improvisational Theatre Games


Shy students and outgoing students alike will strive in the 'structured chaos' this class provides.  


Class Description:  Students will play improvisation theatre games. That's right, this class is all about playing games, having a blast, getting a little crazy and laughing until your side hurts. If you've ever watched Whose Line is It Anyway, or Drew Carey's Imrov-A-Ganza, then you have an idea of some of what will be going on (in a pure PG-13 setting of course).   

      Games will teach quick, creative, problem solving, teamwork skills, and confidence. Acting, pantomime, voice, and movement techniques will be studied along with rules of improv, parts of a story, staging techniques, and audience etiquette. Students will build characters, relationships, and environments on an empty stage with very little prompting, exercising their imaginations while enhancing their communication skills.  We will also plan a field trip, with some parent help, to go see the family friendly Comedy Sportz performance.  At the end of the class, students will have an improv performance event.


Location:  BACH, Boerne
Time: Thursday, 10:35 - 12:00
Co-op registration: required
Semester:  Fall
Grades:  8th-12th
Class Size:  8 min - 20 max
Monthly Tuition   $45
Supply Fee:  $0
Home Study Required:  0-1 hour per week
Credit:  eligible for ½ fine arts
Materials Required:  Notebook  and binder
                                  Computer with internet access                                      

                                  Student and parent e-mail account


A free and private class web page at myschoolbinder.com will provide students and parents with lesson plans, resources, assignment calendars, class summaries, discussion forums, and more, in a safe and secure environment.  The class web page will be the communication forum for the class and will allow students and parents to know exactly what is happening with the class, as well as providing families opportunities for further study at home. 
 Parents are encouraged to attend the first class if possible.