Learning Out Loud! Homeschool Classes 
Film Classes

Join the movie making fun as we write, film, perform in and edit our own short films!

Students will learn the basics of filmmaking through small projects, while developing their skills towards their final film, to be premiered in a red carpet even at the end of the class.  Students will learn the basics of filming such as storyboarding, camera angel, movement and placement, and editing.  Acting for the camera, production techniques, and analysis of film will also be addressed.

Students will need access to a computer with the internet, a digital video recording device (Phone, computer, video camera..) and an editing program (we will use MS Movie maker because it is free).  Students may also partner up with someone who has access to this equipment. 

If you want to be a filmmaker, an actor or just part of the process, this class is for you. 


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